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The Premise --

Elysium Cruiser is a pan-anime role-playing community on LiveJournal with characters from any anime series/OVA and manga in existence. This roleplay community consists of real-time logs, instant message chats, in-character journal entries, and the normal and crazy events that happen in a place such as this. It takes place in a futuristic colonial spaceship called Elysium.


In any existing universe and any existing timeline, people who are deserving of and in dire need of peace, salvation, and paradise are invited in this perfect world. But in exchange, they will have to give up any of their magical and supernatural abilities to keep harmony alive. Also, they must give up any weapons of destruction they possess. Any natural fighting abilities, however, are kept... all in an effort to keep everyone at peace, both friend and foe alike. (But we all know that'd still end up in hell) It is rumored that anyone who breaks this peace within the Elysium cruiser will end up in solitary confinement at the lowest deck in the Elysium known as the Hades deck.


Setting --

The Elysium colonial ship is what it is. A space ship that travels throughout the universe and the multiverses that make it possible for absolutely anyone to be able to live together. The ship is divided into 9 decks, which are divided into 4 different groups. The living decks, solitary confinement deck, the engine room, the recreation deck, and the command center deck that lets the spaceship travel throughout the universe. Here are the deck names from bottom to top:

  • Crete Deck - the lowest area of the Elysium colonial ship, better known as the engine room. Of course, this is how the ship goes across universes and multiverses. Only authorized personnel are allowed to go into the Crete Deck, which requires a retinal scan and a magnetized key card.
  • Hades Deck - right above the engine room is the dungeon, or solitary confinement. Just like the name suggests, every cel in the dungeon is completely pitch black. While you are only fed bread and water, you have to look for it in complete darkness.
  • Phlegathon Deck - the first of the five residential decks, this is considered to be the worst of the five. The a/c and the heater in this deck are dysfunctional, and the repair techs never show up to repair them. furniture are quite used. The community elevators do not stop here.
  • Acheron Deck - the second residential deck from below. A/C and heaters here are minimally working. It will be a miracle if anyone gets it repaired. Furnishings in these living quarters are a little bit better than Phlegathon's. The community elevators do not stop here.
  • Cocytus Deck - the third residential deck from below (ultimate middle), where the living quarters are pretty much mediocre. Much better than Acheron and Phlegathon decks. This is the last deck the community elevators stop at.
  • Lethe Deck - the fourth residential deck from below. Almost a luxury at this floor. Aside from nice furnishings, you get free cable TV and your bathrooms would have a hot tub. Of course, the community elevators stop here.
  • Eridanos Deck - the last residential deck and the highest. All the furnishings are elegant or exquisite, you get free satellite TV, and your bathrooms have a jacuzzi. The community elevators make their first stop here.
  • Olympus Deck - located right above the Eridanos Deck, this is the place for you if you're looking for entertainment, eatery, groceries, and the like. In essence, everyone will be here at some point or another.
  • Sparta Deck - the topmost deck of the Elysium colonial ship, this is also considered Central Control. The pilot and the captain of this ship are all located here, as well as his/her subordinates. Like the Crete Deck, only authorized personnel are allowed to go into the Sparta Deck, which requires a retinal scan and a magnetized key card.


The living quarters consist of a living room, a kitchen, a bathroom, two bedrooms, and a PC (Phlegathon, Acheron, Cocytus) or a laptop (Lethe, Eridanos) in every room. This will enable them to contact each other inside the Elysium ship, as well as shop online, chat, e-mail, etc.


They are also given an ID card with a magnetic strip at the back just like a credit card. It shows a small picture of the resident (your character), where they live, and their place of origin.


Credits --

Remembering that this is paradise, no one should have to get a job if they do not desire it. Keeping that in mind, everyone is given credits at the beginning of each week. Said credits can be used to buy food, groceries, clothes, and other necessities. They may also purchase luxury items with said credits (i.e. cigarettes, video games, jewelry, music, expensive clothing, etc.), but keep in mind that they are very expensive.


With that, the characters have the option of obtaining a baito (a part-time job). They may obtain additional credits in this method in hopes of obtaining more luxury items.


Hades Deck --

Any citizen of Elysium who commits a crime, a felony, or a misdemeanor will be sentenced to the Hades Deck, also known as the Black Dungeon of the Elysium Cruiser. The extent of the sentencing will be dependent on the intensity of the crime and how serious circumstances were at the time of the incident. As stated above, all Black Dungeon cels are completely dark and that's all there is to it. While you are fed (bread and water), the individual has yet to find the food given to them. So the citizens should do themselves a favor and keep the peace alive at all times.


Navigation --

Use the menu on the right hand side of the wiki to explore this site and its contents to learn more about this RP. If you have any questions, please contact a mod.

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